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Change ambassadors are those people in our sport who stand out.  They are the ones that live by our core values.  These are the people in our sports that others look up to and admire.  

To change the culture in our sport, we know that just "saying" things need to be better is not enough, we need to be demonstrating it, and that needs to come from the top.

The first Take The Lead Change Ambassadors were the 2021 Agility Committee.

Chris Richardson, Phil Johnson, Karen Grant, Nicola Parmenter, Karen Morrisson, Clint Banks, Diana Gausden and Rosemarie Baker. 

The members of subsequent Agility Committees will become ambassadors throughout their term, and will be out and about practicing what they preach.  


There are a few other people in our sports that we have also recognised as people who are good ambassadors for the core values Take the Lead promotes.  Have a look at their stories.

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