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Game Changers in Conformation

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Paige Judson

1 May 2023

Nominated By:

Barbara Hunter Lysandra Poodles

This a appreciation note a say a huge thank you to one of our Junior handlers. At the last Pencarrow Kennel and Upper Hutt Kennel Association Show, I had a dog in the Toy group and also in the Non-Sporting group. As the Toy group was coming to the end of breed judging I could see at the other end of the field that the Tibetan Spaniels were going into the ring with Toy Poodles next up, panic kicked in and I thought I'm not going to be able to complete in both rings. I took of up to the Non-Sporting ring and asked a young lady what sex was going into the ring, to which she answered Bitches. (She was getting ready to go into the ring). I made a comment that I won't make going into the Toy ring and back again to show my Toy Poodle, to which she said I can help if you want. This Junior handler was waiting to go into the ring but made the offer to a person she didn't know and didn't know the breed I had. She asked where the dog was and said if I didn't make it back she would take my girl in. I did managed to get back at completion of the Toy group Judging. As I went to get my girl, her breeder and co-owner said that the young girl had been over and introduced herself and said she was available to help if needed, so to PAIGE JUDSON thank you so very much, what an exceptional young lady and Junior Handler you are.

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