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#GameChangersDogsNZ is about encouraging people to tell us about acts of kindness or helpfulness by Dogs NZ members that made a difference to someone’s day.

Be on the lookout at your next dog sport event and nominate someone you witness doing something kind, supportive or helpful to someone (or a dog) that demonstrates the sort of inclusive, supportive, safe and friendly culture we're working towards with Take the Lead.  

We will make sure people are aware of what great people we have in our sport and dog community.  

If you want to nominate a game changer simply fill in the nomination form with your details, the person you are nominating, the behaviour that was witnessed and the outcome.  This doesn't need to be anything heroic - just a kind, considerate, helpful, supportive, inclusive, welcoming or friendly act.

If you witness an event and are able to snap a pic of it, post it to social media using the hashtag #GameChangersDogsNZ

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